Thursday, July 30, 2009


i was aiming this bookmarks when i saw in Zyrin blog but couldn't make decision whether to have it or not.

feel like mbazir since im using the paper bookmarks
ala yg murah tu dlm rm1.50 kat mph
but i couldn't resist when i saw in Lina's blog.
make me go crazy

i just love it!!!
sha ordered 2
aura dia mmg bagus la

if u interested, pls do visit her blog
oh yes , u can customize the bookmarks as ur choice.
kindly view the link below to choose ur charms
there's a lot more choices there

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Where Can I Buy It

Special entry to Ms Watie
and sesiapa yg nk tahu mane sha beli T-shirt nie semua

Dear, sorry for the late replied. pls don't mad with me ;-)
nnt cepat tua :P

Ralph Lauren

meh sha cite sejarah RL nie
last time sha beli kat One Utama sbb price dlm rm500-600
but this time dh naik price almost 1 baju dlm rm775
tkejut sha.. my friend yg suggested beli online kat US
they didn't ship to Msia :-(
website :

sha order from Kak KJ aka June - Miller but she decided to close her online shopping website
but u can always order from nekrock -
her email :
nekrock nie mmg cepat je replied email & very reliable. u can trust on her


Nie Lady Verde yg promoted dlm her blog & im so crazy about it
baru ade 2 sbb size S & design yg mnarik slalu cepat abis :-(

u can always buy from Aida Narina (tgh cuti kot skrg nie
her blog
email :


u can email nana from lancaster
her website
her email :


bole order online & ship to Msia
hanya perlu ade credit card
shipping to Msia GBP 16

Happy Hunting :-)

Yoga Pants

anyone nk beli yoga pants???
sedap giler pkai.. sha dh ade 3 helai.. 1 plain in black, another 2 yg mcm 1st pic..
bole pkai if g outing (market, mall or lepak2 minum etc)
murah saje. rm45 + postage poslaju dlm rm6

packaging mcm nie .. so xde la kotor or rosak seluar
tp labuh sket n kena potong. tu sendiri yea potong

interested, email
check out her blog

im so satisfied with her excellent service. Thank u darling!

Friday, July 17, 2009


credit to

while doing my work, has buzz me in gtalk.

sha, pilihkan utk has
nk surprise kan hb
post ke opis dia

ohhh she's so sweet..
trus sha stop keje & check pretty webby

goshhhhhhhhhhhhhh dh lama x masuk cni trus truja sat

dok pk should i change the paul smith???
ermm rasa cam perlu sbb dh stahun lebih pkai.. cian xde spare

has, cepat la beli..
my wishlist dh xde stock.. but insyaALLAH she will check for me later

dear pretty, don't forget update me yea
checkout her website for more items in Burberry Limited Edition from Japan

Have a nice weekend dear!!!

p/s: smlm broadband Maxis buat hal.. xleh lgsg buka. sha sempat approve comments je