Saturday, October 31, 2009

Highly Recommend

After Seller JUne Miller closed. sha jarang shopping online until i met owner of blog

Tak tahu nape hati nie rasa mcm nk mlekat gn Kenge. ade sesuatu dlm hati dia yg mbuatkn sha tertarik. Org yea humble.. kaya tu satu hal la tp baik hati. Mcm2 sha tny dia tp dia jenis x pnh mrungut. slalu kasi positive answer.

Ade gak sha terima email tny leh pcaya ker seller nie. My answer is always the same. I adore her and she is my GOOD FRIEND. U can trust and rely on her.

Jom jengok her blog

GUcci D Ring Large Hobo at price rm 3113

Cole Haan at price rm797

sabrina dlm rm1221

prada nie sha sukaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.. nak tahu harga.. dlm rm1551 je

mgigil x tgok.. ape lagi jom la click her blog

Friday, October 30, 2009

I'm Pleased

Today I have smile on my face when received call from Customer Service from Kinokuniya Bookstores. Few minutes later they sent me an email. Quit fast.. I'm so impressed.

Dear Farah,

Good Day.
Regret for the mis-communication between us.
We always try our best to attend to all our valued customers' books enquiry as soon as possible.Any delay in getting back to our customers doesn't mean we don't care about our customers.

Hope for your kind understanding and patience.

We will reserved the above mentioned book till 10th Nov 2009 (Tuesday).
If there is any changes in your collection date pls feel free to contact me or other colleagues in Customer Service counter.

Thank you and have a lovely day ahead.

Best regards,
Carena (nice voice she have)
Online Order Team

I'm pretty pleased with the result. And I'm happy I will get the novel title "A Dance Through Time" - which i forgot to order last time.

I'm so thankful for her excellent service. NOw, I am more satisfied with my experience. Looking forward to buy more novel from Kinokuniya Bookstores.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It's Time

Few readers keep asking me when I'm going to sell off my Burberry Brook.
I guess it's time I make a move. If I want to let 'her' go, how much u willing to pay dear???
It's hardly used. Comes with key, dustbag, authentic card & receipt from Burberry Outlet

ps: I know very the sayang.. but I have to take the risk

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Shopping Again :-)

Hai readers,

ape khabar semua? mst sihat kan.. sha tahu if not xde la uols update blog ;-)
sha active dlm fb skrg nie. rasa tenang & selesa coz xde 'lalat' yg kacau :-)

ok la.. sha nk cite nie. dpt email from someone.. yg mbuatkn sha happy and trust me, her price is very reasonable sbb sha dh calculate.

presenting new sales blog from K S..
ehh umur dia sama gan sha kot thn 78. sha assume je. correct me if im wrong.

jgn x tahu rupa2 bloggers tkenal spt ms lola, hanis (honey to the bee), nadiah khair, nong etc dah byk shopping dr K S. so authentic amat sha pasti.

sha pun ade tny berapa2 quote (walaupun sha lum pnh beli sbb skrg tgh survey Ed hardy utk hubby) and alhamdulillah price dia sama gan my fav seller.

sape2 yg giler bag cam sha ;-) tp sha dh slow la

sape yg giler kasut cam yatie cute hehehehe jgn mare haaaa

latest design Ralph Lauren kurg mnarik phatian sha.. tunggu la end year nnt

kalo ade anak2 kici yg cute2 cam sha ;-) leh la shopping byk2 cam pic di atas nie

sape minat Corelle??? sha minat tp pinggan mangkuk kt umah bsepah2.. tunggu la bile dh pecah yea.. uols kalo minat baik rembat.. sha tgok price murah (bg sha la)

so jgn malu2.. sila check her sales blog
her email
pic credit to K S :-*

Friday, October 16, 2009

Helping Someone

1st story dah removed

2nd Story
received email from silent reader
"sha dearie,
sha tak kenal saya, i'm a silent reader of yrs. nak minta tolong, saya dok cari beg ni, minat sangat tapi tak jumpa :( kalau jumpa kat blog, sume dah sold :(( agak² sha bole tanya kat blog sha kot² ada any of yr readers yg tau mana nak dapat.. dalam rm 200 +- my budget please ye sha
thanks sha for reading my email"
so readers, do u happen to see this bag??? do let me know yea..

thanks for ur help too HUGS!!!

3rd Story

my friend have VIP sales coming up for Coach
if u interested, pls visit her :-)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Apple Products

take care of your bags with exclusive Apple product
only distributed by

click here for more info
i just bought shine cloth :-)

Friday, October 9, 2009

LOUIS VUITTON Totally Monogram PM

More info, click here
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Limited Edition, not available in Malaysia
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What a re u waiting for???
Limited edition with lesser price now, a reduction of RM500!
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Monday, October 5, 2009


Alhamdulillah. Kinokuniya can preorder the novels for me. Estimated arrival within 3 weeks :-)

Currently im looking for this 2 novels. Dah cari kat Kinokuniya, MPH & Times.. no stock.
Sape2 ade jumpa preloved or baik hati tlg belikn utk sha, i really appreciate. any info do let me know yea.

mesti ramai tertanya2 mane sha pegi.. sha ade kat cni.. aktif dlm fb but not in bloggging.. cuma sha ade gak la blogwalking.. idea tu ade dear cuma ermmmm susah nk ckp..

take care