Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Historical Romance Authors

Lynn Kurland, Johanna Lindsey, Judith McNaught, Julia Quinn, Julie Garwood & Eloisa James are my FAVOURITE authors.
They are now fills an entire shelf in my library.
If u haven't read them, u are missing out ;-)


farah said...

Judith McNaught is definitely at d top of my list Sha!! She's soo good, I think I've got nearly all her books already! Rs sedih bila dah nk hbs

Anyway, as per yr recommendation, I'll be trying out Julia Quinn & Eloisa James next...their books synopsis sound really, really good!!! ^_^

Mrs LVoe said...

yeahhhhh.. another addict!!!
gal, do u have fb? if ade, add me

i like u gal ;-)

Mummy ranger said...

Yes true indeed...i start baca satu buku JM terus telekat...siap baca ulang2..kehkehkeh.

farah said...

Yup, I hv fb Sha!! I'll be adding u soon!! Hehehe...

Anyway, it is good to knw another book addict! So that we can compare our preferences & tastes! ^_^

Naomiehasmi said...

hi sha...akak dah lama tak baca new book of JM and JL...recent book i read is Nicole i'm crazy about Cecelia Ahern...i guess her writing is different from wat i read before...tapi bila nampak sha reading JM, i feel like looking for one...teringat2 masa mula2 keje dulu, dok tenung JM during ofis hour...hiii