Friday, January 15, 2010

Real Put Off

Kit recommended Eloisa James's books a while ago, but I didn't think they were quite my thing.
I’ve never read her work and I was unsure if she’d be any good.
When I received the book, my hubby looked at the cover and said “Sejak bila u jadi lesbian?”.. That cover is a real put off ;-)
Then I started reading few pages and I absolutely adored it.
Looking forward to the series :-*


Kit Pryde said...

hehehehe. next fancy dress party i go, i will definitely RENT a ballgown like this.

kata my fren ada this place muat utk org plus sized.


farah said...

ada series ke sha?? farah since reading abt all fascination with reading historical romance, dh start to move into that genre...biasa suka baca romance/thriller (mcm nora roberts) or crime thriller (jeffrey deaver/james patterson)...aritu beli the courtesan's scandal by julia london, quite a good story...blh jgk try eloisa james :)

Siapa lg author historical romance yg sha can recommend for good reading?

Mrs LVoe said...

caya la kit. nnt jgn lupa amik pic tau.

yup.. got 6 series of desperate duchess.. title nie yg 1st..

here the series
Desperate Duchesses
1. Desperate Duchesses
2. An Affair Before Christmas
3. Duchess By Night
4. When the Duke Returns
5. This Duchess of Mine
6. A Duke of Her Own

u check the series kat Kino. i just bought few days ago. kalo dh abis can preorder.

im addicted to Julia Quinn, Julie Garwood, Johanna Lindsey, Judith McNaught & Lynn Kurland.

sha more to historical romance.. kalo thriller sha ade kurg sket ;-)

farah said...

Thnks for d info sha!!! Wow ada 6 series...nangis nk cari n baca semua tu ;)

Anyway, good recommendation cos I hv to start collecting books to while away d hours during my confinement nnt...hehehe...

Mrs LVoe said...

my pleasure dear. the last title "A Duke of Her Own " is stand alone and xde related pun gn the rest.

i love to collect all sbb nk tahu each character their stories.

jgn ikut sikap sha.. sha addicted to historical romance. julia london i never read but maybe one day sha try yea :-)

btw, congrats of ur newborn

farah said...

Hehehe, belum deliver lg la sha...early march insya Allah, tu yg tgh collect buku2 cerita buat peneman masa pantang...nnt baby tido, mak dia x tau plk nk buat apa kan ;)

Anyway, farah baru nk terjebak dgn historical romance ni cos so far so good...i love esp judith mcnaught!! boleh x tido mlm nk hbskan once dah start reading...hopefully, from time to time, sha blh update yr blog in terms of these books, boleh buat guidance to d others!! :))

Mrs LVoe said...

like i said once u start reading, u couldn't put it down ;-))

insyaALLAH sha try review nnt. Thanks for the idea dear :-*