Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Novels For SALE

Over 40+ novels for sale

1 novel for rm12
2 novels for rm15 including shipping
3 novels for rm20 including shipping
4 novels for rm25 including shipping

order : pls email me

here the lists i have

author : carole matthews
a compromising position -SOLD
a minor indiscretion -SOLD
the sweetest taboo - SOLD

author : clare naylor & mimi hare
the second assistant - SOLD

author : lilly sommers
footsteps in an empty room - SOLD

author : chris manby
seven sunny days - SOLD
marrying for money - SOLD

author : kasey michaels
then comes marriage - SOLD

author : deborah wright
under my spell - SOLD
love eternally SOLD

author : cecily von ziegesar
u know u love me - SOLD
gossip girl - SOLD

author : jill winters
blushing pink - SOLD

author : susan andersen
head over heels - SOLD
baby im yours - SOLD

author : rachel gibson
see jane score -SOLD
simply irresistible - SOLD
true confessions - SOLD
lola carlyle reveals all - SOLD

author : emma mlaughlin
the nany diaries - SOLD

author : barbara delinsky
three wishes - SOLD

author : valerie anne baglietto
the wrong mr right - SOLD

author : fiona walker, jessica adams, chris manby
girls' night in - SOLD

author : maria headley
the year of yes - SOLD

author : eileen townsend
child of fire - SOLD

author : jennifer greene
where is he now - SOLD

author jill mansell
making ur mind up - SOLD

author : susan elizabeth phillips
ain't she sweet - SOLD

author : jennifer weiner
little earthquakes - SOLD
good in bed - SOLD
in her shoes - SOLD

author : sheila norton
body and soul - SOLD

author : maggie o'farrell
my lover's lover - SOLD

author : patricia scanlan
foreign affairs - SOLD

author : nisha minhas
passion & poppadoms -SOLD
sari & sins - SOLD
chapatti or chips - SOLD
bindis & brides - SOLD

author : christie ridgway
this perfect kiss - SOLD

author : jennifer crusie
what the lady wants - SOLD
fast women - SOLD

author : suzanne macpherson
take of the town - SOLD

author : elaine fox
if the slipper fits - SOLD
maybe baby - SOLD

author : plum sykes
bergdorf blondes - SOLD

author - lauren weisberger
the devil wears prada - SOLD

or do u have any idea kat mane sha leh jual novels nie.???
thanks dear


Opie said...

sha, cube jual kat pon kat ebay...suruh org bid..hehehe

Ninie said...

hi sha,dkt ampang point ada 1 kedai buku terpakai..i x sure whether dia nak beli ke blh cuba,& another one kat Cash & Converter (dkt dpn ampamg point ada 1)

honeylanz said...

ni sha nye collection ke? sha ada sales blog kan?

Anonymous said...

sha, saya nak beli novel, lot 1 dengan lot yang ade racheal gibson..please respond to me..ASAP @

Cik B said...

sis, go to, forum tu, under hobbies n living. buku n kesusasteraan, then swap n sell. mesti laju je diorg beli. saya pun jual kat situ gak.

wan said...

wow bestnyer, semua chit lit!! :))

linahilmin said...

sha darling,
klu ada susan elizabeth phillips akak nak tau!

sisdee said...

err klu nk beli tu bole ke..
email me ek : hehehhe...

azuera said...

sha, i ada email u nak beli 3 buku..nanti u check email ek..

thanks a lot...

Marisa said...

Sha,,,, I nak beli novels U bole? The Devils wear prada, and all shoppaholic series...

Kit Pryde said...


sha jual buku kat blog.

told you its the best venue for you to sell those lovely lovely books.


good luck dear!!

ShaMytO said...

WAH!!! suke!! =)

myb kak sha bley join flea market bukak booth..only if ade free time la..heheh

nooreen said...

i berminat nak beli novel u...

Nurhayati said...

wah bagusnye... byk tul novel sha.. yati nye tak byk pun.. takde masa nak baca hampeh tul huhuhu

hmm jual kat mana yati tak sure plak. kalau yati tau nanti yati roger ek.

stardust. said...

sha..i berminat sgt2 nk bli ur novels!!!how can i order?

Anonymous said...

Sha i dah bayar dah. But i cannot e-mail you my pc something wrong and it wont load as usual..tolong respond yah..


Mrs LVoe said...

all pls email me if u like to order

i received ur payment
can i know ur address

snowiffy said...

patutla lamaaaaaaaa dia senyap.dia katham novel ya :) welcome back sha. yes!!! we definitely miss u ..mmuaahhh!

myblackworld said...

Babe, any books by Sheila O'Flanagan? :) buzz me at FB k..

Shopaholic Mama said...

are you selling any of yr Julia Quinn's books?

let me know ya if you are!

snhazwani said...

salam sha,
i nak beli novel u yg tinggal 3 lagi tue. nie email saya tolong email i u punye bank account. kalau ada maybank lagi bagus. thanks.

p/s-novel green tue sape author ek?

jane_doe3328 said...